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I graduated with a degree in Psychology in May. I'm pretty psyched :P about that, since I started college a long time ago. It feels great to finish.  Of course, new things must begin, and schooling continues. I have decided to head in a more artistic direction for a while and I am looking at Art Therapy and Counseling graduate programs. I've started doing Life Coaching again for a few clients. It seems that finding a way, a creative way, to deal with the current economy is something that a lot of people are confronting. In a sense, the current conditions drive us more to seek out who we are as people, what is fundamental and sustainable we return to and keep. I'm helping with an Art Theory class, and looking at the material through the Art Therapy Lens. My thesis idea at the moment is to explore the similarities between the Artist and the Counseling Client. Are their issues they same? Are their quandaries the same?

I'm also taking a painting class. It's abstract painting, so it really gives a chance to play with the materials. This is one project that I am currently working on:

ARTT 320 - 12 smudges - process image

It's great to just play with materials. I greatly prefer the tactile feel of canvas, or the resistance of the paint, to just manipulating images on the computer.

I am also taking a statistics class. Q: How many ways can the following squares be arranged?

My summer garden is winding down. I hope to write a blog post about that soon

Hope all my friends and associates and other social connections are doing well, I haven't been using social networks that much lately. Please, keep in touch.

2011-09-09 11:44 am.

PS - A: approximately 8 quadrillion.

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